My New Crock Pot

I got a crock pot from my parents for Christmas. I love it. And it’s real pretty, too. I’ve been cooking many meals in it lately. I just love that when I’m out and about with the kids our supper is cooking away at home. And I love it even more when we come home to the smell of supper ready and waiting to be eaten. You see, I have the energy and desire to cook supper at noon, but something happens between 4 pm and 5 pm. No energy. No desire. No interest whatsoever to be standing over the stove cooking supper.

The kids and I went swimming this afternoon. Ds had his private lesson finally, and he did really well. I think I’ll put him in a couple more. He said to me that he’s not that afraid of the deep water anymore which is a huge victory. We were at the pool for 3 hours or so, and had a great time, but I’m always pretty tired afterwards. Yay for my crock pot! I didn’t have to dread cooking supper when we got home. I even treated the van and the kids to a trip through the “fun wash”, which is what my children call the drive-through car wash. They love going through there.

When we got home, sure enough, yummy smells from my marvellous crock pot came wafting out to meet us. Mmmmmmm. All I had to do was sit down, relax, and wait for Adrian to come home. When he arrived home I served him up my delicious stew and we had supper. He liked it so much that he went for seconds. That’s when it happened. Somehow, when he picked up his bowl to dish himself some stew, he cracked the bowl on the edge of the crock pot…he chipped my crock pot. My lovely new crock pot. Chipped. All I could do was stare at it. It’ll still work. It’s just a small chip, but it’s not as beautiful and perfect as it once was. There was silence in the kitchen. Then Adrian was trying to explain, and he was saying something about how the chipped piece went into his eye, but I’m not sure because I was just staring at my broken loveliness. I realized, even at the time, that I should have been more worried and sympathetic about his eye, but I just couldn’t bring myself to even look at him. Later, he picked the chipped piece out of his stew. See? I would have wasted that sympathy. Although. I suppose that it could have bounced off of his eye and then dropped down into his bowl…he’s just lucky that my crock pot wasn’t damaged worse than it was.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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8 Responses to My New Crock Pot

  1. Joy T. says:

    Oh. No! I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been thinking of the eye either. If he’s still standing that must mean he’s alright, but the crockpot had an amputation of sorts! Now you’ll always look at that chip and remember when :o)

  2. Emma in Canada says:

    I hate when new things get damaged. I noticed a scratch on my new end table. It’s driving me crazy.

  3. Heather says:

    I got a new crock pot for Christmas too!! Mine’s not as fancy…what a bummer…stuff like that happens…This is our 2nd winter in our new home. Last winter on our brand new railing on our custom staircase I noticed a groove going down 3/4 of it on top…obviously from one of the kids…my dd drug a pencil all the way down it…every time I look at that it drives me nuts…but I take a deep breath and remind myself that one day I can sand it down and refinish it back to new…my dd won’t be little forever…

  4. Jane says:

    I remember not long after I bought my expensive stoneware, DS ‘kindly’ washed them all with dish soap……..I was so mad and upset and then felt guilty because he was only helping!

  5. Sirdar says:

    Well…look on the bright side…now your crock pot has character. Before it was a new crock pot…now it is a family crock pot that has character. 🙂

  6. Debbie says:

    This reminds me about my beautiful oak dining room table that my dad made for me. It has marker stains on it; I’ve tried all of the tricks to get it off but no go. Once the kids are older we’ll sand it down and refinish.

    Jane – how are you supposed to wash stoneware?

    You’re right Sirdar. Of course, I’ve got to get a certain amount of guilt trip in first. You never know how useful that could be in the future. 😉

  7. Sirdar says:

    Sorry…forgot the guilt trip rule.

    Stoneware….never wash with soap….wash with hot water only. Dawn has too much of it and the kids would face the death penalty should they wash it with soap.

  8. Debbie says:

    I thought that you needed soap to get rid of bacteria. (I don’t have stoneware, but I want some.)

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