I Will Accomplish What I Need To

Happy and Blue 2 wrote about procrastination on his blog today. Funny, because that’s what I’m doing right now.

I’m putting off homeschooling my children. I like to get started by 9:00, but that doesn’t always happen. Why do I put this off? Usually, because I’ve put off preparing a lesson so, I’m not sure what to present to them. That’s part of the case today. It’s also because I’m really feeling it that I’m not getting a day off. They’re usually in a school program on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but our teachers are on strike. The holiday Monday threw a kink into things as well this week. We had a great homeschool day yesterday – we got a lot accomplished. So, I feel like I should have today off. Boy, have I gotten spoiled.

I’m putting off tackling my paper monster (my word for the large amount of paper clutter I accumulate). I’ve been trying to go through the clutter in my home for the last week. I started by organizing the two bathrooms. I went through and tossed unused products, etc. As usual, I get excited and ambitious, and then imagine my whole house de-cluttered. I had the idea that I would pick one area a day to be organized. When the next day came and went with no organizing, I changed it to one area a week. Let’s just say, nothing else has been organized yet. Today, though, I will tackle the paper monster. I will!

I’m putting off walking on my treadmill. I was doing really well there for awhile, but this week I dropped the ball.

I’m putting off cleaning the house. This one is stressing me out a bit. I’m giving a party for Adrian on Saturday to celebrate his citizenship, and I’m not near ready. I keep considering leaving the house as is – these people are supposed to be our friends, right? They’re coming to see us – not the house. Isn’t that what everyone always says? Well, I think that’s baloney. Are you telling me that you wouldn’t notice grungy cupboard fronts when you’re visiting someone’s home? Sigh. I guess I don’t really notice when I’m at someone’s home, but it’s mostly because my friends are so damn good at keeping their houses clean and organized. No jealousy here! Ah well. Whatever!

As I put together this list of stuff I’m putting off, I realize that I’m unleashing some negative energy here. I need to switch gears and end with something positive. I’m even going to change the title of this post from “Procrastination” because I want to attract good things today.

Yesterday was a great day. The children learned a lot. A friend came over and we had a nice visit while the children had a play date. I tended to a couple of friends’ homes who are away on holiday. I made a great supper of barbecue chicken AND we ate it at the table. I even went to bed with a clean kitchen. I did all that yesterday – I can do it today.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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10 Responses to I Will Accomplish What I Need To

  1. Jane says:

    Yes I do notice when someomes home isn’t clean and tidy BUT it effects me in a different way from many probably…I LOVE it!

    Maybe it goes back to my childhood…my house was IMMACULATE…like a showhome….my Mum didn’t like me to make much a of a mess….

    My best friends house was chaos…dusty, dirty, messy…4 kids and a Mom who would rather read and garden than clean house……I LOVED being there! We had FUN!!!!

    My good friend Julie (you may remember I posted a pic of her a while back….she died a few years ago…..well her house was far from clean..the bathrooms were filthy and I always noticed that she never vacuumed the edges of her rooms or stairs….toys were everywhere…

    But I LOVED going there and curling up and chatting and laughing and relaxing……my kids loved to go there and play and I have such great memories of going there……

    My good friend in Scotland (not Lynne lol) NEVER dusted…she spent all her time cross stitching and didn’t care about the dust! Her walls are covered in beautiful framed cross stitched pictures….

    I sadly have inherited much of my Moms neatness obsessions and I find it hard to relax in clutter and if the floors need cleaning or something……I wish I wasn’t like that…I would much rather be like my friends…

    I don’t mind the kids painting or doing messy play…I don’t mind their toys while they are playing with them but everything HAS to be cleaned and tidied afterwards….

    I’m rambling…anyway I just wanted to say that not everyone who notices dust or clutter is criticising…some of us are jealous 😉 to me it is a sign of confidence! As weird as that sounds!

  2. Jane says:

    I always seem to write long essays when I comment on your blog….I guess that shows your posts get me thinking 🙂

  3. Heather says:

    Debbie I could of written parts of your post word for word!!

    I feel more relaxed and happy when my home is clean and tidy. It is 9:08 am I am not showered or dressed, I have a sink full of dishes, a pile of laundry to fold from yesterday and I feel like I should do something productive with the kids but know we have to leave in a few hours for a guitar lesson and swimming. By the time I get home I know I won’t get much done it’ll be 4pm and I’ll be thinking about getting ready for dinner and put more things off…

    Sometimes I think when I have a lot of things I see that needs to get done they need to be the first priority… I let the kids play, watch movies and I catch up.

    I’ll probaby comment more on this on my blog later…you always have some good posts that get some deep thinking and powerful discussions going….

  4. Joy T. says:

    I could have written this post today. It’s 12:00 and I’m not even dressed yet! I’ve been dinking around with my computer and even though I haven’t showered and am sitting here in my bathrobe, I’m just so darn greatful I’ve got my Internet Explorer back. Now there’s positive thinking for you :o)

    As for a clean and tidy house, I’m afraid I grew up with a mother who never cleaned. Oh god it was filthy and cluttered and horrible. “I” used to be the one who took the time to clean because I couldn’t stand it and unfortunately I’m like that now. Everything in it’s place and neat and tidy. Not immaculate. Things are picked up in the house right now, but there is the dreaded dust sitting and waiting for me to come take it away. Don’t even get me started on the laundry room. Ugh! I may or may not get to it today and I’m ok with that.

    Now other people’s homes? I could care less, and that’s the truth. I’ve learned if someone is nice enough to invite me over it’s that that I focus on, not their homes. I go to some homes and they are so freakishly clean it makes you incredibly uncomfortable. I don’t eat, I don’t drink for fear I’ll drop something and I keep the visit very short. And those are the kind of people who would say something too if you happened to spill. Not to your face of course, most likely behind your back. I avoid at all costs.

    I try and hang with people like me….a little dusty and a little disorganized :o)

  5. Debbie says:

    Jane – You’re right it feels different going to a house that’s relaxed. I would love to visit the Weasley’s house from Harry Potter. I couldn’t live there, but how fun would it be to play there!

    And I love long comments!

    Heather – That happens to me all of the time. I read something on someone’s blog, and as I comment I realize that I’ve got lots to say. I might as well write my own post. That happened this time, in fact.

    On the days where we have outside lessons of some sort, I tend to slack off a bit in the schooling department.

    Joy – Your office is very clean and tidy – that is if it always looks like it did in the picture. 😉

  6. happy and blue 2 says:

    I don’t notice whether some one elses home is clean or not.
    And I have a tip that I think I heard on Martha Stewart.
    Always leave an area extra dirty to draw attention away from the rest of the messes. I think she suggested leaving dirty underwear on the couch but I just leave socks..

  7. Sirdar says:

    You’ve been to our house and it I am sure there was a mess in sight. The kids clean the house and it is lived in. Mess happens.

    When we are there I promise we won’t care what your house looks like. 🙂

    Looking forward to Saturday!!

  8. my4kids says:

    I happen to be one of those people whose house is never really clean. Always at least a little clutter. I haven’t figured out how in our little house with 4 kids to not have it that way and honestly I would rather spend time with the kids anyway. If someone comes to my house and thinks it is messy that is their problem they can help clean if they want but I refuse to spend all my free time clean like my mother use to. We always had a clean house growing up but I don’t remember really doing anything with my mother because she was always cleaning and didn’t have time. I feel much more relaxed when I don’t worry about it.

  9. Emma in Canada says:

    As long as your bathrooms are clean you should be fine. So says my mother’s friend, and she’s a neat freak.

    My house is too cluttered to ever be clean, but iy is not dirty in the way of dirt. I did notive that my walls are full of 2 year old handprints (and the bigger kids too) so I’ll be washing those away this weekend!

  10. Steffi says:

    I try to clean every day the house.But that´s not easy especially the rooms of my 2 girls are every day a new challenge.I know it is a typical german quality to have a clean house.When my japanese girlfriend come to me she said always to me : Steffi,your house is typical for german peoples.Sometimes I get to not always clear up because I am broken from my work.So I do somedays only the most necessary one in my household.Today is to example this day.I am really broken from my work on a property market and so is here today a little bit chaos.Normally I have time to clean to the girls come from their schools.
    Okay,a cleanly house is for me important but it is not my life!!There is more important things in the life as only clean a house!I prefer my kids and have a liitle bit free time for myself.My husband puts other priorities.For him is it very important to have a clean house and what other peoples think about that when say visit us!I find it very stupid!His work by the army have make a hard man from him.
    Okay,enough about it!Have a nice day and that what you do is okay!


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