Fun Monday

Molly from Return of the White Robin was the host of today’s Fun Monday. She asked us to show something that hangs on our wall. She wants it to be “fun, interesting, endearing, sentimental, or otherwise enticing“. This is what I came up with:

My mother-in-law’s cross stitching, a friend’s painting, and our kids’ art board…

Adrian’s mom made this for him. It’s a map of the area where he grew up in England. Adrian has a real fondness for maps. He collects them.
A friend of ours gave us this painting when we got married. It’s huge (you can see the light switch on the bottom right). We were at his place one day, and he was showing us some of his recent paintings. I was going on and on about how much I liked this one. (I had an affinity for pathways back then, too.) So, he gave it to us…likely to shut me up. 😉

This is a large bulletin board that is on the back of our kitchen cupboards. I guess it’s not technically a wall, but like last Fun Monday, I’m stretching the rules. 🙂 It holds the children’s art work, the odd bill or speeding ticket.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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14 Responses to Fun Monday

  1. mjd says:

    Debbie, I am enjoying your Fun Monday post. I like the map, the painting, and the bulletin board chock full of artwork and assorted other things.

    I have a ccol map some place. I wonder where it is? It must be in one of those messy closets that Swampwitch wants to see as part of next Fun Monday’s post.

  2. ChrisB says:

    Oh that map is really lovely and you just happened to highlight area that I know well, My granny and grandad lived in Nettlebed and we used to stay with them and go to Sonning Common, I used to visit aunts in Reading during my summer holidays and I still have a cousin living in Wokingham. What a good friend to give you such a nice painting. I love all the children’s art work. I now keep my grand children’s art work.

  3. Joy T. says:

    It’s such a talent to be able to do needlework. I say the same about quilts. Or any other crafts people do really. Patience is something I just don’t have enough of so I always admire people who can. The large painting is gorgeous. What a wonderful wedding gift. And there’s nothing finer to me then children’s art work. Great Fun Monday Debbie. I’m already debating on what I’m going to show next monday.

  4. susan says:

    That map is amazing, she did a beautiful job.

    My kids are a bit older now so we don’t have all the oodles of artwork to cover the fridge with…if we did, I’d probably steal your idea and find a bigger spot!

  5. my4kids says:

    The map is pretty cool, I used to cross stitch more but haven’t in quite awhile.
    That painting is huge!! Pretty though.
    I like your wall of artwork!

  6. Robinella says:

    Your art board looks like my refrigerator. Love it. And the map…so he’ll never lose his way home. What a treasure.

  7. Pamela says:

    I can see them all.
    the map is creative..
    oh those bulleting boards.. mine is always a mess. At least your has art. Mine has coupons from the 1800’s I think.

  8. Tiggerlane says:

    The detail in that map is astounding…really amazing. Very beautiful wall, too!

    I had to squint to find the light switch.

  9. theotherbear says:

    great collection, particularly that painting. That is just fabulous, and it’d look great on my wall!

  10. willowtree says:

    That map is amazing, and looks like a lot of work too.

  11. Sirdar says:

    Dawn has done some awesome cross-stitch. And she hangs them on the walls too 🙂

    Good theme that was picked this week.

  12. PortraitofPeter says:

    I must admit I am drawn to the wonderful picture of the woods and the colours – so descriptive and so appealing.

    Your persistence – certainly paid off.

  13. dawn says:

    Nice selection. I didn’t notice that large picture in your house. I must be quite unobservant or it was in a room I didn’t go into. Very touching map. I noticed the kids art display. It is great. We didn’t get organized enough to do that.

  14. Emma in Canada says:

    Thanks for a great idea for the back of my kitchen cupboards! I love the cross stitch, I once worked on a map of Ireland, but because I got bored of working on the south I moved north and when I got to the middle they didn’t meet! I left it in England the last time I was there, so couldn’t even restart it. Ah well.

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