Happy Canada Day!

We enjoyed a wonderful Canada Day celebration last night at the family of Colours of Dawn. Awesome food, great conversation, and a delightful fireworks display. The kids had a marvelous time, too, and met some new friends. And the 15 minutes or so of torrential rain just added to the excitement.

I don’t have any pictures because I actually forgot my camera. Someone (I think it was Peter)commented on my previous post reminding me to bring my camera. When I read it I thought: OF course! I NEVER forget it. And then I go and forget it. I was jinxed I tell ya!

I’m very certain that Dawn will show photos of the evening on her blog soon, and maybe Sirdar will too.

It was a great time, guys. Thanks again for having us!

We have another party tonight at some friends from the next subdivision. Looking forward to the food – uh, I mean fireworks – there too.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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9 Responses to Happy Canada Day!

  1. Poetry From Scotland says:

    Happy ‘Canada Day’ to all of you and so delighted you had such a wonderful time and with the fireworks display to also enjoy.

    I so luv the ‘Maple Leaf’ and your picture does capture so beautifully.

  2. my4kids says:

    Happy Canaday Day to you, Debbie. Glad to hear you had a great time!

    We have our 4th of July celebration on, well Wednesday the 4th.

  3. dawn says:

    Thanks Debbie. I have been hogging the computer all morning so I have my post, and now Sirdar will get his chance. Glad you could make it.

  4. Steffi says:

    “Happy Canada Day” to you!I hope you enjoyed this day together with your friends!I wish I was there too!

  5. Poetry From Scotland says:

    Sorry, Debbie – was it all my fault – about the camera??

    Now I feel ever soooooo guilty too!!

    Hope I am forgiven?

  6. Carla says:

    I was just checking out the excitement on Dawn’s site. Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Happy Canada Day.

  7. Sirdar says:

    Glad your family could make it out. And yes…I did manage to get some pictures on my blog sometime after Dawn finally got off the computer 🙂

    I’m sure you will have fun at your friends place tonight too.

  8. Joy T. says:

    You’re going to be partied right out. Hope the other party was great too. You’ll probably need a day of rest after this weekend :o)

  9. Debbie says:

    We didn’t end up going to the other friends’ party. Sorry ’bout that guys – if you’re readin’!

    We were already partied out from the night before, and my daughter had to get up early for horse riding camp on Monday.

    We did have a wonderful day on Sunday together as a Family, though.

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