"Summer timmmme and the livin’ is easyyyy…"

We have summer weather! Hoorah. And with that hot sticky weather comes days spent by the pool (and some time doing yard work), and less time on the computer.

Housework is a challenge for me normally because…well. I don’t like it! But I’m having a harder time these days keeping up with the house because we’re outside so much and when we’re inside I’m tired. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

I might get a chance to get on here later today to catch up with reading and maybe even do a post. I hope you all are enjoying summer where you are.

I really do love singing that summertime song from which I stole the title for this post:
Summertime and the livin is easy
Fish are jumpin and the cotton is fine
Oh your daddys rich and your mama is good lookin
So hush little baby, dont you cry
One of these mornings
Youre goin to rise up singing
Then youll spread your wings
And youll take the sky
But till that morning
Theres a nothin can harm you
With daddy and mommy standin by

About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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10 Responses to "Summer timmmme and the livin’ is easyyyy…"

  1. dawn says:

    Yep, I am excited for the summer. Now the long weekend is over and it feels like things are mostly on my schedule. I have some kids who don’t like weeding garden, so my house gets cleaned pretty regularly in summer too. It won’t be many years and you may have such a treat. It will be hot this week. Enjoy.

  2. my4kids says:

    Yeah summer!

  3. Kaytabug says:

    I love that song!!!!!

  4. Poetry From Scotland says:

    Last time I heard that song I was ‘rocked to sleep’!!

    Great song and funny enough as I was reading your post – the sun came out here too!!

    Enjoy the ‘sun’ and above all ‘keep singing’ – please!!

  5. Sirdar says:

    It is about time that summer decided to show up. Lets hope it stays that way for a while. Too bad that I work inside…but I can take a walk across the street to visit someone for work 🙂

    Enjoy the summer!! I don’t even want to think about the W word.

  6. Emma in Canada says:

    I joined this online thing called Flybaby. And even though they email me about 60 thousand times a day (or, you know 15) and I don’t even read all the emails I do tedn to follow most of their plan. I keep meaning to blog about it, but haven’t yet. Anyway, esentially they divide the house into zones and get you to do certain things for 15 minutes a day. They even have challenges for the kids. My whole point was supposed to be that it is actually working for me and my house isn’t always the total disaster that it normally is. Not that I’m saying yours is a disaster.

  7. Steffi says:

    I know this song too.Really good song.
    We have here at the moment more autumn as summer.Every day a lot of rain and often short thunderstorm.Crazy !In the months march,april,may (normally spring)we had hot summer temperatures here.It´s crazy weather .But for me the temperatures at the moment very pleasant.
    Enjoy your summer days!

  8. Pamela says:

    just the other day I chanted “I hate housework”….
    and summer is even harder. I’ve been out in the yard after work. flower beds are coming along. sink is full

  9. Debbie says:

    Dawn – I do hope I’m as lucky (although I know it’s not due to luck) as you are to have such helpful teenagers. :0)

    Terri – Too right!

    Kaytabug – Me too. The words are nice and I like how the melody goes up and down. It’s fun to sing.

    Peter – I’ve rocked my kids to sleep with it, too.

    I’m happy to have spread a little sunshine! 😉

    Sirdar – I’m glad that you can at least get outside for a bit. It’s always bitter sweet for Adrian too. When he leaves in the morning the kids and I are excited about a nice day ahead of us while he gets to look forward to a day in the office. We try not to rub it in too much!

    Emma – I’m actually a member of Flylady. I’ve gotten as far as shining the kitchen sink! Several times. I’m so glad that it’s working for you. So much of what she says makes great sense.

    Steffi – That does sound like crazy weather. I am glad you’re getting a repreave from the hot temps.

    Pamela – LOL I’ll bet your flowerbeds look lovely!

  10. Joy T. says:

    I’m always the last to comment. Blogarithm’s great but I’m finding I don’t always get updates as fast as I should. And can you possibly tell me why in heaven’s name I’m writing that here?? Must be the heat. Today’s friday when I’m writing this so it’s cooled off some from the 30 temps. Way too hot for this kid!

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