Fun Monday

Fun Monday’s assignment this week comes from Deb’s Melon Patch. She asked us to:

Show your favorite place to relax. It can be a chair, corner, ledge, or limb. 🙂 Get out those cameras and take pics or just write how you feel when you are in your “zone”.

I’ve been thinking for a few years that I’d like to create a place in the house. A kind of Zen place that is special. I could go there to pray or meditate, and I could decorate it with things that I cherish. It couldn’t be a whole room because my house isn’t big enough. Perhaps just a corner? At any rate, I haven’t gotten around to it so I take my moments where I can.

In the summer my favourite place is my couch swing. It’s a Canadian Tire special and it’s about eight years old. In other words, it ain’t fancy! But I love it. It’s where I sit to read, talk on the phone, and watch the kids play. Sometimes all four of us squeeze on there (and it is a squeeze – Adrian and I are not small!), swing away, and suck on Popsicles. My favourite memory was the four of us doing just that one evening while it was raining. We were sitting around the fire when the rain began. The swing has an awning, so we huddled in there roasting marshmallows, and talking. The kids still talk about that night.

My second favourite place is this hammock below. We got it as a wedding gift. It’s getting a bit ratty but it’s still holding up quite well. It’s gotten a lot of abuse – I mean – use, too. We have this huge play centre but every kid that comes over is drawn to this thing like a bee to honey. They pile on there trying to flip each other off. Adrian, the kids, and I have had some of our own flipping matches, too, actually. Obviously, that’s not relaxing. What is relaxing is having the children cuddle on there with me and read. Lovely times. Again – not fancy, but I’m not a fancy kinda gal I guess!

Both of these spots are subject to mosquito infestations! A hammock isn’t relaxing when you’ve got mosquitoes trying to bite your ass! That’s when we retreat to the house and use the couch.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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22 Responses to Fun Monday

  1. susan says:

    Who needs fancy…sounds like you need the durable that you have!

    I’ve always wanted a hammock, but we never seem to have the right tree spacings…and I don’t think those ones that come on stands would be tough enough for my crowd!

  2. mjd says:

    There are few things better than swinging outside in the summer…so peaceful.

  3. Joy T. says:

    LOL aren’t the mosquitoes horrible this year!! I have a fear of flipping in hammocks so I avoid them at all costs. And I LOVE patio swings. So soothing and relaxing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    That hammock – looks so appealing – to just relax on a hot day in summer – with an ice-cold orange juice.

    Enjoy the sun – luv the post.


  5. Beccy says:

    Lucky you a swing and a hammock, I’d love either…or both!

  6. Debbie says:

    Susan – You’re right, of course! Fancy would just get destroyed at our house. 🙂

    mjd – You’re so right.

    Joy – It did take awhile for me to get the knack of sitting in the hammock, but after 11 yrs I think I’ve got it!

    Peter – It is lovely on a hot day. The drink can be a difficult maneuver on a hammock, though!

    Beccy – Yes, I am grateful for what I have. 🙂

  7. JennieBoo says:

    Outside is the most relaxing, in my opinion. I’ll be over later for a nap in your hammock!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Fun Monday

  8. Robinella says:

    I have several shots of my oldest with my two nephews on a porch swing like yours. The shots are from exactly the angle you took yours from and while looking at yours I filled it in with my memory. I love those swings.

  9. Karmyn R says:

    I love your garden hat!

    Don’t mosquitoes just ruin the best laid plans?

  10. dawn says:

    Those are wonderful relaxing places, but your home seems pretty relaxing all around. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Steffi says:

    Nice place to relax,Debbie!I like in summer outside a swing couch too!Thanks for sharing!

  12. Pamela says:

    our hammock is on a stand, so if you flip off you can get a nasty bump from the frame.

    I enjoyed your rain story. Isn’t is wonderful how the very simple loving things can impress a child —

  13. ChrisB says:

    Your swing couch sounds such fun, I’ve always fancied one of those.

  14. swamp witch says:

    I want the hat and the hammock. Please mail them to me.

  15. Tiggerlane says:

    Something tells me I would flip off that hammock like a fat lady trying to straddle a pool floatie…but it still looks relaxing!

  16. theotherbear says:

    Love your spots – I just got one of those swinging chair things a few months ago and am finding it very relaxing too 🙂

  17. willowtree says:

    They both look fantastic!

  18. Jenni says:

    What a great memory! It looks like a comfy swing, too.

  19. Kaytabug says:

    I am lovin’ both!

  20. Sirdar says:

    Being in the neighbourhood, I understand completely about the mosquito issue.

    Hard to relax…or sleep when all you hear is whineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. my4kids says:

    I love hammocks but like you said not much protection from the mosquitos!

  22. Debs says:

    That looks like a perfect place to relax. Love your hat!

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