A New Skill?

This is my dryer. It’s broken, obviously, but luckily I’ve got Adrian who is a fixedy kinda fellow.  🙂

R and Adrian fixing the dryer.

And in the meantime, this is my new dryer…

Miscellaneous 9666

I’ve had a clothesline for years, but it’s mainly just been used for towels or, occasionally, sheets. Now that I HAVE to use it, however, I’m realizing it takes a little skill to hang your clothes and I have some things to learn.  😉

Miscellaneous 9667

I bought these clothespins because they were pretty, but I’ve already had some break on me.  I’m wondering if those wooden ones are better.

Miscellaneous 9668

The socks had me frustrated.  Surely they don’t each get their own clothespin?  Sigh.  I see that I’ll be purchasing more clothespins.

And what about underwear? A clothespin each, too?? On that note, I’m not thrilled about having my undies flapping in the breeze for all to see. Prudish? Perhaps. Well, I’m sure not going to be stretching them out with two pins…uhhhhh – not that they NEED two pins.

I was thinking of Dawn and Peter while I was hanging our clothes. Dawn doesn’t use a dryer at all and Peter wrote a poem on how endearing it is to hang your clothes out to dry.

It certainly does have an appeal. I felt very house-wifey as I was stringing the clothes along.  But as I’m now re-hanging and re-washing clothes that fell off of the line due to a sudden storm last night, I’m thinking…

I am looking forward to my dryer being back in operation.  Buuut.  Maybe I’ll just use it for the small nuisance items.  Maybe.  😉


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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13 Responses to A New Skill?

  1. poeticscot says:

    Debbie, how wonderful to see you reverting back to ‘Mother Nature’ and the joy of ‘pegging out’ on the clothes line.

    Thank you for the kind mention of my poem too – so sweet of you 🙂

    I always place pair of socks together with (1) peg and must admit my pegs do diminish (due to breakage – not made like they used to be) I am still able to cope, but then it is just me 😉

    As for ‘undies 😯 one peg only – you did have me laughing at

    “Well, I’m sure not going to be stretching them out with two pins…uhhhhh – not that they NEED two pins” 😆

    I think Dawn may have to pop over and give you some guidance 😉

    I’m sure Adrian is enjoying every moment – at seeing you ‘peg-out’ 😯

    And the dryer- may take a wee while longer to repair 😉

    Wonderful post and brightened my Saturday.

  2. beccy says:

    I got a dryer 11 years ago and shrank most of the clothes so reverted to using it only in emergencies and to fluff up the towels.

    I hang out the washing and love the smell after it’s blown in the wind. I peg out the socks individually and the knickers with one or two pegs (depending on size. I do have a rotary line so I hide the underwear behind the bigger clothes!

  3. beccy says:

    Oh and my dryer broke last month and I’ve decided not to replace it, a freezer would be much more use in the space.

  4. Debbie says:

    Peter – Thanks for the pointers!

    Beccy – If it’s depending on size for the “knickers” then I was right that mine only need one! 😀

    Clothes do smell lovely off the line. They also feel lovely and soft from the dryer! 😉
    Adrian’s sister and mum in England both don’t have dryers. They have lines outside as well as a system indoors. They also use their heat registers that come out from the wall. It seems quite common over there?

  5. Joy T. says:

    LOL great post. I’d be the one using one clothespin for each sock and only one for the undies. Whether the undies need more or not, it would only be one! I don’t have a clothesline, but I used to do the laundry when I was small and remember the glorious smell of clothes on a clothesline. There really isn’t anything better. Well. Until a bird flies overhead and….

  6. poeticscot says:

    I wish I had Adrian’s ‘fixing’ skills.

    Neurological yes, anything mechanical – no

    I can dismantle really good 🙂

    But forget where to put the parts afterwards 😦

  7. Dawn says:

    Great post. You could have called. The wooden pins are worse for breaking. The ones you are good. I have some stronger ones also. I do one pin for undies, sometimes hanging 2 per pin for the smaller ones (those wouldn’t be mine). I do socks individually unless they are really thin, they just dry faster that way. When I was over, you had pool towels on the line, and I noticed you didn’t have a double wheel pulley (I think that is what they are called) for your line. You put it on after some clothes, and it keeps the top and bottom of the line together so the clothes don’t hang so close to the ground, and the line handles the strong winds better. I have one before my clothes then one in the middle of the load that I put on. Hope you don’t lose heart.

  8. Debbie says:

    Joy – Those white splotches would shatter the loveliness of freshly laundered clothes, heh? You’re too funny. 😀

    Peter – Adrian has saved us plenty of money over the years with his fixedy skills.

    Dawn – I would’ve felt silly phoning and asking how to hang my clothes on a line to dry! But thanks, though. 😉

    Thanks for the encouragement! All is good. 🙂

    You’re the second person to tell me about this double wheel pulley thing. I’ll look into it for us.

  9. my4kids says:

    I love how clothes smell when they hand out to dry but like you said it can be diffucult to get them on right and having your undies out for all to see…not my cup a tea!

  10. Steffi says:

    Great post,Debbie.I don´t have a dryer and so I must hang on our wet clothes to dry on a clothesline .

  11. Heather says:

    When we were in Minnesota I had to hang our clothes outside a few times. It is always so nice to have the fresh air smell….but in reality a washing day for a family of 5 a dryer is SOOOOO nice.

  12. Emma says:

    I have a neighbour who uses her dryer only for the towels, everything else is hung in the basement. Which defeats the purpose for me, as I would do it for the fresh air smell. I have heard it is illegal in the city to have a clothesline outdoors, I wonder if that is true.

  13. Felicity says:

    Living back home in Australia I used a clothes line all the time though living here in Florida in the US… we have a dryer… I do miss the clothes line believe it or not… take care

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