Marvelling the Law of Attraction

I’ve never been the most popular or best liked.  People don’t go around saying how hilarious I am or even how I’m the nicest person they’ve ever met.  I’m just…me.  I have faults that I’m trying to overcome.  This may sound simplistic, but I’ve grappled with it over the years.  I wanted people to say that I’m the best at such and such or the something-est person they’ve ever met.  But as I work through my thirties I can say that I’ve let that go…for the most part.  Now here’s a milk commercial for you:  Being the best ME is enough.  Don’t gag!  I know it’s corny.  But how else was I going to say it??

These days when I come across someone who is all that and a bag of chips, I don’t feel envy I feel admiration. 

The other night I was sitting at a table with a great group of women.  We were talking about life and kids and struggles and, for a moment, I just sat back and admired the strength of their natures.  Sometimes I can be so weak.  It’s a frustrating trait that I intend to work on. 

I may have faults or things about me that are less than desirable, but somehow I attract really great people into my life.  All of my friends are an inspiration to me and from whom I can learn so much…and, of course, with whom I have a lot of fun.

L and G are my bestest friends in the whole wide world.  I’ve known L, practically, my whole life and G for thirteen years.  Once, for almost six months, the only time I laughed was when I was talking to G.  In that way, she saved me.  I am so grateful for those two women. 

And I’m fortunate enough to meeting more great women. 

Dawn.  You may have heard of her blog.  If you have, you likely know about her fabulous cooking or creative organizational skills.  But did you know what a great friend she is, too?  She’s straight forward, which I so appreciate, and honest.  Two very important qualities in a friend.  She’s funny, too, and I truly enjoy her company.

(Okay, new readers via NaBloPoMo…I get mushy.  It’s one of my very best defining qualities!)

Then recently I just met another great woman through my children’s music class.  She’s the mom of R’s new friend.  We went out to her place for a play date last week and it’s scary how much she and I have in common.  I felt like a little girl making a new friend.  Do you remember what that was like?  I don’t think boys make friends in the same way, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, as a little girl we’d talk about what we liked, and be so excited when found stuff in common.  “You’re favourite food is spaghetti????  Mine too!!!”  Well, I felt like that with this lady.  “You forget to buy dishwasher soap??  Me too!!”  And it didn’t stop there.  Our whole visit was like that. 

My point of all this is to marvel at how the Universe or God or whatever you choose to call that higher power just keeps serving up to us what we need in our lives.  For instance, I said I want to conquer my weakness – I just know that I’ll be attracting some opportunities to do just that. 

And, on a closing note.  I’m not looking for comments of reassurance.  Well, I mean – who doesn’t love reassurance?  It’s just that I know who I am.  (Pretty much!)  I KNOW I am a great person and friend.  I’d have to be right?  To have so many awesome people in my life!


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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14 Responses to Marvelling the Law of Attraction

  1. Dawn says:

    Your the mushyiest person ever 😀 . Thanks so much for your awesome words. I think you new friend J is really nice also, and sweet like you. Not to encourage you, but I was thinking during our conversations, that you have a lot of strength.

    I have also felt a lot like you growing up, that I am good at many things, but not a master of anything. And something you may not know about me, I was not very popular in school. I wasn’t in the in crowd. By high school, I was infiltrating the circle but I was ‘freaky’ enough to not fit in completely. Let’s face it, there are still people who don’t like me, but like a someone once told me, the best thing her mom taught her was, “not everyone can like you”. I think she was trying to tell me we wouldn’t be friends because she didn’t like me :surprise: .

    Great post, and not just because you said nice things about me.

  2. Debbie says:

    I was thinking of J, too!! But I didn’t want to scare her off with my mushiness. 😉 LOL

  3. giveitatry says:

    I know where you are coming from on this one! Just be the best you that you can be. I think it takes maturity to actually admire someone instead of envy them. I know it has for me.

  4. Janet T. says:

    Well, for the record, I felt like I connected right away with you. I think you’re funny, sweet,and all that mushy stuff. Just one of those people that don’t put on airs. I like that…..

    And I was like that too- I really wanted to be “the best” at something. It’s enough for me now to know that this is how God made me. And He made each one of us to be that way. It’s pretty cool, when you think about it….:-)

  5. philosophyoflife says:

    ” My point of all this is to marvel at how the Universe or God or whatever you choose to call that higher power just keeps serving up to us what we need in our lives. For instance, I said I want to conquer my weakness – I just know that I’ll be attracting some opportunities to do just that. ”

    Debbie, you have talents in abundance and a creative mind to enhance any ‘dinner party’.

    Enjoy blogging and keep smiling

  6. Heather says:

    Opportunities will happen when you least expect them… 🙂

    I think everyone needs to follow their passions for their true calling to come out.

  7. my4kids says:

    I love meeting a new friend like that. Someone you have all kinds of things in common with. Truely its a rare thing though, we are fortunate to find a few good friends in our lives.

  8. Melanie says:

    I did a photo frame for my son a while back with bees on and the motto “Bee YOUR best”. Growing up not being the best at anything special had left him feeling like he shouldn’t bother at all. Big bad news as far as school work went. Trouble is there is that pressure out there that you only learn to deal with as an adult, if at all.

    It is so lovely to hear your musings on it and the finding of new friends. I recently joined a crafting circle locally. It is amazing and so wondeful to meet up with people who share your interests and don’t mind sharing ideas. I am so tired with laughing after a day with them. It makes such a difference to the month. Occassionally I actually finish a project in the class too. LOL They were just what I needed in my life.

  9. Steffi says:

    Great post,Debbie and I wish I can meet you someday in future in the real life.And I think you are a good and friendly person ;O).

  10. robinellablog says:

    I was just having a similar conversation with Pete tonight. He asked if you have to be cool to be liked and I of course, told him he only needs to be himself to be liked. Trying to be something you are not, is never helpful.

    Great food for thought.

  11. Joy T. says:

    Wow I’m straight forward and honest and I’m called a bitch. But that’s a-ok by me. Because at the age of 43? I knew a long time ago I could care less what people thought. Because when it comes right down to it. There are going to be people who love you and there are going to be people who hate you, and then there are going to be people who just plain ol walk around trying to make other people feel bad. Which in turn makes them feel good at the expense of others. It’s a sad but mostly wonderful world and I’ve learned to stick with the people who appreciate me for who I am. Just me.

  12. Sirdar says:

    They say that the best way to be someone you want to be is to hang out with the people who are like the way you want to be. It works the same with leaders. If you want to be a leader, follow a leader and some of it rubs off and eventually you become that leader that people want to follow. Damn…I should follow all those books that I read and follow that advice myself 🙂

    I have done that for work and it does work.

    For the record, I think you are a nice person too 🙂

  13. Debbie says:

    See? I even attract realllly nice bloggers, too! All of your comments are so thoughtful. That’s why I love to talk about this stuff. Everyone has their own story to tell. It’s fascinating really.

  14. Fae says:

    I’m thankful to have found a great site: )

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