JFW and Work Gossip

The Junior Forest Warden event yesterday was fabulous.  The weather was perfect.  We just beat the snow that came last night. 

The event was held at the acreage of one of our JFW member’s.  We went on a nature walk led by a guy who has a vast knowledge of flora, fauna, and fungi.  He’s able to tell you about pretty much anything that lives in the wild.  If it’s medicinal, nutritional, or otherwise.  He’s just fascinating and we always learn so much when he leads a nature walk. 

During the walk I got inspired.  I think Nature Journals would be a wonderful project to undertake with the kids.  A great keepsake that they can always have.  I’m going to do some research and set it up as an activity.

After the walk we had roasted chickens over the fire and baked potatoes and carrots for lunch.  It was delicious.  Then we made make-shift cheese cakes.  You take a pitta bread, cut it open, spread the inside with cream cheese and jam, wrap it in foil, and put it over the fire on the grill.  Let it sit there for several minutes and the results are yummmy.

After the JFW event, I went off to work at the bookstore.  We were very busy which had the advantage of making the shift go by quickly.  There was a lady customer that came in who absolutely no concept of personal space.  None!  Every time I backed up she took a step closer.  And then she’d lean right in close to my face to talk to me.  Sheesh.  I wanted to shout, “Back off!”  But I remained professional and fortunately our interaction was short lived.

Most of the people I work with are quite young.  17-21 yrs old.  But there is one lady who is a bit older than me, and we get to having some nice talks.  She told me she’s disappointed that I’m quitting which, of course, makes me feel nice.  But then she told me it’s because she’s having a rough time there and she’ll miss seeing a friendly face.  Apparently she’s been called into the office a few times for not being a team player or something.  I think she’s very nice and helpful.  Personally I think SHE should quit.  Jobs are a dime a dozen at the moment.  Mind you, maybe she isn’t be a team player.  How should I know?

The last thing I’ll talk about is how annoyed I am that my basement (where my computer is) smells like dog pee.  Cleo must have gone pee down here last night.  Geez!  I can’t stand that.  The worst is that I can’t find where she did it.  Damn dog.  I love her, but fricken fracken &*^%$( ^%$^%^* DOG!!!!!  Sigh.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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9 Responses to JFW and Work Gossip

  1. Maria says:

    JFW sounds like so much fun. My family has considered joining our local group and were set on doing it this fall, but we are so busy with so many other things that we don’t know how to fit it in. I have been wondering if it’s worth it to drop some of our other things and do JFW instead, but I don’t know.

    Anyway, this is my first time commenting … I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. robinellablog says:

    I worked with a woman who didn’t know about personal space and she had size D boobs that would brush against you the whole time she talked. I always wanted to buy her curb feelers.

    Also you and Dawn both say “acreage”. Is this same as saying “land” or “plot of land” or do you use it to emphasize that they only have ONE acre? Just curious. I would say I was visiting someone who had a lot of land or 5 acres of land, etc. One of the reasons I love blogging is talking to folks who are not from VA! 🙂 Not picking or anything.

  3. Heather says:

    I have been wondering too about the “acreage” thing! I just say our land and we have 10 acres. Must be a Canadian thing???

    Your JFW sounds great! I wish we had something like that here.

    For dog pee you can buy a black light at the store and all you have to do is turn off the lights, turn on the black light and “Voila!” you’ll see the stinky spot.

  4. Steffi says:

    Nice to hear you had a very beautiful and funny weekend .We have here not such events.Really good for you.

  5. Janet T. says:

    I’m with ya on the personal space thing….I HATE it when people crowd me. Ugh.

  6. Dawn says:

    I didn’t know that about the black light, and I watch crime shows and everything. I went to high school with a guy that had a problem with personal space. Sounds like you had a good time out on the ‘acreage’. For those who are not Canadian, I will answer before Debbie and say it is a portion of land in the country usually in a subdivision, and is usually 1 or more acres and less than 160 (a quarter section), in which case it would be called a farm. Some people with 40 acres or 80 acres may call their place a farm or hobby farm if they have a farm set up. For instance, if they have cows, chickens or horses or if they do some crop on their property. Sometimes people with larger pieces of land will rent out the field to farmers. I hope that helps you understand Canadian terminology.

  7. Sirdar says:

    Sounds like JFW was a great time. You’ll have to make some of the make-shift cheese cakes during the bonfire.

    The last shift is the hardest because you always second guess yourself. But in this case I guess you had to quit.

    And to add to Dawn’s answer about the word acreage, I’m not sure if there is a number of acres that takes it from an acreage to a hobby farm. We have 7.2 acres. That is still called an acreage. If we did the metric thing, it would be called a hectarerage. It just doesn’t have the same effect…. 🙂

  8. Carla says:

    That “make-shift” cheese cake sounds great. What a fabulous idea, and so simple. I might just try it at home 😉

  9. my4kids says:

    I had wondered about the acreage thing before also but figured just a word used for having land.
    I’ve worked around people you had no sense of personal space also. Drives me nuts because I’m all about having my space.
    The Nature Journal sounds like a good idea!

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