Guy Fawkes Party

A few nights ago on Saturday, the 10th, we held our annual Guy Fawkes celebration. It’s an English tradition that Adrian wanted to carry on here, so we’ve been hosting our own “bonfire” night for the eleven years we’ve lived on our acreage. The event has grown and gotten better each year.

This year I was too busy having fun to take many pictures. Some of the ones below are from last year.

For those of you who want to learn more about what Guy Fawkes is all about you can go to THIS link. Basically though, Guy Fawkes is someone who, with co-conspirators, plotted to blow up parliament along with King James I in 1605. Before Guy Fawkes could succeed, however, he was caught, tortured and put to death. Then true to British form, his death has been celebrated every year since.

Part of the celebration is to put an effigy of Guy Fawkes on the fire. I didn’t get the picture of it this year, but this is our “Guy” from last year:

Guy Fawkes 014

All year long we have several neighbours who add to our bonfire with any brush that they’ve cleared from their land. So that by November we have quite a large bonfire to light. Because it’s so big, the first 20 minutes or so of the lighting is what I call the “20 minutes of terror”. All of the dry dry stuff on top burns hot and huge, and I have images of the fire spreading. In the eleven years we’ve been doing it, we’ve never had an incident, but I’m not sure if it’s luck or skill on our part. This year, my terror was increased because it was windy at the time of the lighting.

This is the fire this year:

Guy Fawkes 07 001

The photo was taken from where I was hiding because I was quaking in my shoes from fear. You can see how the wind is blowing it. Luckily, it quickly burned down and all was fine. Like I said, it only takes about twenty minutes, then the fire is nice and low, and manageable. But for me, it is a terrifying twenty minutes.

Guy Fawkes 060

Another part of our celebration is the quad rides. Our neighbour brings his quad, and his son and friend pull the kids around the acreage. It’s a highlight for the kids, and we so appreciate this contribution. (This photo is also from last year.)

Guy Fawkes 07 002

Because our Bonfire night falls around my birthday, my mom always brings a cake. It was a delicious carrot cake. Thanks, Mom!

Guy Fawkes 07 006

Blurry photo of folks sitting around the fire this year.

Guy Fawkes 051

Adrian sets up his outfitters tent with the wood burning stove inside. It’s a cozy place for the food and for those who get a chill. (this photo is also from last year)

Guy Fawkes 07 021

My bit of decoration – a poster I hung up in the tent.


(or was it Sirdar’s daughter??) took some photos of the fireworks for me. Thanks, Guys!!





The biggest thing that makes this party a success is the people that attend. We provide chili and hot drinks, but many people bring goodies to share. We don’t ask them to; they just do. The party is always fun thanks to the spirit of our friends. Thanks, everyone, who came. 😀

Of course, the next part of the tradition is clean-up. We’re usually pretty exhausted the next day so we laze around and then finally emerge late in the afternoon to pack everything up.

Guy Fawkes 07 024

We had another fire while burning up old boxes and such. The kids had been using these boxes for playhouses…

Guy Fawkes 07 012

Guy Fawkes 07 013

Well, that’s it for this year. Looking forward to the next one.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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13 Responses to Guy Fawkes Party

  1. Joy T. says:

    Looks like a great time. Thanks for the invite to it again as well. I swear one of these years I/we will make it!!

  2. Janet T. says:

    FUN, FUN, FUN! I’m always up for some effigy burning…..

  3. philosophyoflife says:

    Wow, look at that fire 😯 Although I bet it kept everyone warm around the fire on a cold night.

    It certainly looks like everyone had a great night and with food and hot drinks – and good neighbours – a great night.

    Luv the Birthday Cake – now that looks appealing 😛 Any left 🙂

    Great Photo’s too and is that the ‘moon’ I can see in one of the photo’s ?

  4. robinellablog says:

    Once I saw your poster, the light bulb went on and I remembered this fellow.

    Beautiful cake.

    And I think you guys will do anything to start a fire. Looks like it was a ton of fun!!!

  5. Sirdar says:

    Glad we could make it…even if we were late. Next year will be grand again….and we will sing Happy Birthday to you again. I’m thinking Adrian is having this party for you…not for him 🙂

  6. Dawn says:

    We had a wonderful time. It is so great to get together with neighbours and eat cake, and have a big bonfire, and eat cake. The chili was wonderful, and so was eating of cake. Thanks so much for all the work you put into it and we will be there next year. Like I told you, the kids were bugging me before we heard about it, because they didn’t want to make conflicting plans. Thanks again.

  7. Emma says:

    It looks like a great time. Though last year looks awfully cold. I hope to be there next year.

  8. philosophyoflife says:

    I see Dawn’s teeth were rattling again 😯

    She mentioned “cake” several times 😉

    I guess next year – you will have to “hide” the cake – only from Dawn 😆

    You can see what effect it has on her 😆

  9. Steffi says:

    That´s looks like a funny evening!Very nice pictures and I wish I was there too.Really nice!

  10. bbZuSh says:

    I would have liked to be there *dreamy*

    I love the pictures!

  11. Melanie says:

    Brilliant party! Yes it’s a big English tradition with fireworks; baked potatoes cooking in tin foil in the ash of the bonfire; sparklers for the children (under supervision); ooohs, ahhs, pink cheeks, mittens, and that gunpowder smell of fireworks.

    There is a call for fireworks to be banned from anything other than organised displays now in the UK as animal are being scared and getting killed etc. Yet another case where the thoughtlessness of a few are adding to the red tape of others.

  12. beccy says:

    I miss bonfire night living here. We always used to go to organised events, watch the fireworks and the guy burning then eat hotdogs with onions and tomato ketchup, mmmmmm…….

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