I’ve been enjoying a short break from the computer the last few days. It’s nice not to HAVE to post. The whole point, for me, of NaBloPoMo was to meet other bloggers but since I didn’t have the time to actually visit new bloggers that didn’t pan out for me. I hit the Randomizer a couple of times in the beginning, but when I was having a hard time even keeping up with my current bloggy buddies I stopped. If I hadn’t forgotten that one day then I would’ve been sure to at least complete the month. But oh well. This way I get to put this cute little guy on my sidebar:


Thank-you, Sirdar, for passing it onto me!

Now on to other business. We have a new addition to our family.

Miscellaneous 2 045

Meet, uh, Soot. I say “uh” because we’re having a hard time settling on a name. We’ve also discussed Socks and Lucky. J wants Lucky because – well – he was so darn Lucky. On Friday, I was cleaning in the front entrance when I heard a loud mewing from outside. I opened the door and there was this little guy meowing his heart out and shivering. I brought him in, and the kids pretty much instantly fell in love. I was talking on the phone with my friend, L, during the excitement. She knows my neighbours, the ones we’re not acquainted with, and thought from my discription that it sounded like their cat. Apparently, the little guy was just recently dropped off there to live because their niece didn’t want him. He was to be added to the other barn cats they have, but he obviously wasn’t settling in successfully. We gave him some water and he drank for about 5 minutes straight. Drank up a whole bowl in one sitting. I got the phone number for the niece (the neighbours weren’t home at the time) and she said we could keep the kitty if we wanted. Her aunt wouldn’t care.

So there ya have it. The long story of how – Soot? – came to be in our lives. He’s integrated well already. He’s very affectionate. He chases our dog, Cleo, around the house trying to nuzzle up to her. Even Max has quickly adapted. The only down side is that he seems to have fleas!!! I got flea collars for all of the animals and a flea spray for our furniture, and I’m vacuuming up a storm. Ick.

That’s all I have time for right now. We’re off to the children’s Christmas party for Adrian’s work.

By the way, would anyone have suggestions on names for our little guy?  Of course, every suggestion would have to under-go a serious approvals process by the kids, but I’d welcome ideas.  🙂 


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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11 Responses to Kitties

  1. bbZuSh says:

    okay! I’m in love with him too!!! 😛 As for a name, I never know how to name pets. Must be because I never had one :/

  2. bergerac says:

    Hey, luv the ‘caption for the nano 😛

    And your new addition is indeed “Lucky” – made a wise choice in coming to you – and not that other person who is 👿 remember ‘Eloise’ 😯

    How about ‘Castoff’ – since he has been cast off – and now united with a loving family 😛

  3. Pamela says:

    he’s wearing a BIB.

  4. Dawn says:

    I love that nablopomo badge. You have a very cute new family member too. Peter is pretty amusing but delusional. You could call you cat Scot after our illustrious blog friend, and then when it gets in trouble, you could say “Out damn Scot” and it could have a double meaning.

  5. Sirdar says:

    What a cute little guy. Glad he found a new home with loving children to take care of him. Have fun!!

  6. Dawn says:

    Z suggests you call him Chester. All sorts of fun names from the neighbours.

  7. Carla says:

    Soot is adorable. And I do like the name. I think that often we don’t adopt the cat, the cat adopts us.

  8. Gattina says:

    What a cute little cat ! I think you were both lucky to have meet each other !
    You know flea collars are not a real help to kill the fleas they keep them away if you are lucky, my vet always says it is a “decoration” and not very efficient. Sprays are good but also not for a start. The best thing is to get a little tube of “Frontline” that you just have to put in the middle of his neck. That kills all the fleas. I have 5 cats and no fleas at all.
    You can meet them on my Cat & funny stories blog.

  9. Joy T. says:

    How about Nippy? You know. Because it was cold out when you found him. Ok I got nothing. Glad he found a great home, sounds like the other home wasn’t too concerned about him.

  10. philosophyoflife says:

    Come think – the cat – has the 👿 eye of the 👿 Dawn – and if you get it doctored – well it will still look like Dawn – even the ‘tache’ has a similarity as Dawn’s 😯

    How about putting all your families initials into a pot and then coming up with a host of names – just an idea and it could be fun too 🙂

    I still maintain from the evidence of Eloise – she was ‘pushed’ 😯

  11. my4kids says:

    Hehe I love Dawns suggestion! That and it sounds like a person name. We always give our cats people names. Not the dogs but the cats have always had people names.

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