Long Catch-Up Post

Busy weekend. Actually. Busy week!

Last week we went to Drama Camp, a sleep-away camp held at a college a couple of hours away. It was put on by our school board. R felt some trepidation about going but in the end enjoyed the experience. (Dawn is part of the same school board so she was there as well. She did a great job describing the camp so you can read about it more there along with seeing some photos of where we stayed, etc.)

We had a great time. Did some fun activities. I got verrrry stiff and sore because of an activity we did on the first day. I was put in a group of teens (including Dawn’s son) and we had to arrange a series of movements to be repeated over and over that followed a theme. We they chose a snowball fight. And we they decided to depict it using lunges and throwing ourselves to the floor. It may not sound bad but we had to practice the thing a dozen times first and there was no way I wasn’t going to keep up. I did, however, humbly ask that we don’t kneel on the left due to my bad knee. And nooo, I didn’t feel old at alllll. 🙄 I have to say, though, that I think we did a good job. I wish that I had a video of it. You know who I do have a video of, though? Dawn and her group!! Just a small part of it. And I’d love to show it, but SHE won’t let me. If you’d like to see it, I suggest you give her some pressure. 🙂 You can go to my private blog to see little videos of the kids, though.

We also watched some groups do an improv activity on the last day.  Dawn participated in that and I have some photos of that, too, which she won’t let me show.  More pressure required, I’d say.  😀

The only hiccup in the trip was at the end. Right when we were getting ready to leave, R went missing! I wasn’t concerned at first – more annoyed than anything. He’d finally made a friend the night before and they were off gallivanting together. So, I thought he was just being careless. Then I started looking for him and I couldn’t find him in any of the “authorized” places (gym, park, cafeteria, etc.). I started the panic process and phoned Dawn asking if she’d seen him (she was back at the room packing up). She hadn’t but she got her kids to look for him, too. Her daughter, J, finally found him and sent him back. He was way at the other end of the campus crossing a parking lot that I never said he could go to. I was sooo relieved and SOOO mad! Funny how you can be both emotions at the same time.

After we got in the van, and after I yelled at calmly spoke to him he told me what happened. He was going with the boy to his moterhome to get his phone number so they could keep in touch. Okay. I wasn’t as mad anymore because he just didn’t know how else to do it. The boy was leaving. There wasn’t time to run and get me and all that. BUT. He was still told to never ever never do that again. Going to some stranger’s moterhome – Sheesh! Next time we’re bringing the walkie talkies and a wrist watch for him AND Julia.


I looked after a friend’s children on Friday and J’s birthday party was that night. Her birthday is on the 16th, but because one of her friends is going away we decided to have her party early.  J has been asking for a Build-A-Bear party since the day after last year’s birthday so I gave in. It’s an expensive money grab but she was simply thrilled with it and she’s still talking about it!

B-Day 025

This is the kids “showering” their bears. That’s J in the pink dress second from the right.

B-Day 003

Adrian holding up some Build-A-Bear panties! Which, incidentally, are five bucks to buy!!!

Afterwards we went to Boston Pizza. It was a fun night. One of the girls, M, came back with us and stayed the night.  There are more photos of the party at my private blog.

The next day we had volunteer clean-up duty at our community hall with the JFW. M came along with us. All of the kids did an excellent job and worked hard.  My friend, G, came to pick up her daughter, M, that night and after a small visit the kids and I decided to go out for supper with them at DQ.  The kids played in the playland while she and I had a MARVELOUS conversation.  We didn’t get home until 10:00pm.

Then, of course, Mother’s Day was yesterday. We went out for brunch and then did some work around the yard.

I’m tired but in a good way. It’s nice to be busy sometimes. Just sometimes, though. 😉


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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10 Responses to Long Catch-Up Post

  1. Dawn says:

    It sounds like my life. It was good to find R and good it wasn’t random wandering. Drama camp was fun. Our girls have a couple Build a Bears and they have spent a fair amount on clothes over the last couple of years. Sounds like you had a good weekend too.

  2. Joy T. says:

    A great and busy time for sure. Glad R was found safe and sound. It’s amazing what goes through their heads and something so innocent can turn a parent into frantic mode. My daughter used to work at Build-a-Bear a couple of years ago and she really liked it. I have a Garden Bear she made and gave to me just before she quit and it’s priceless. Lucky girl J is for getting to have a party there. You’re right, it isn’t a cheap party but she sure will treasure her bear for years and years.

  3. two cats are better than one says:

    the old man looks like he has lost some weight

  4. Pamela says:

    This post was worth just seeing Adrian with the mini undies.. ha ha ha ha

  5. visionsdenied says:

    Innocence of the child, is sadly the evil of the prey.

    You are wise to instill in your children the importance of safety and the necessity to be aware of boundaries.

    Pleased you all had such a great time and a great educational experience of adult and child alike.

  6. Terri says:

    I did a build a bear party for the girls on their 5/7 birthday party it was fun but yes EXPENSIVE!

  7. Steffi says:

    Sounds very busy,Debbie but like nice days.A built-a-bear-party must be great! Yes, I know such party is really expensive! Nice pictures!

  8. Melanie says:

    Hia glad your lad was fine. Years ago when we went on holiday our son walked ahead of us back to the tent. (Leaving everyone to carry beach things because he’s a lazy toad LOL) Anyway we got as far as the road/track and there was no sign of him. We asked around -there were some small kiosks and people. Eventually J turned up- he had crossed the road by himself and had been waiting by the tent until he came back looking for us.

    When we got home the news was talking about a boy’s body from the very beach we were at and appealing for the parents to come forward. Hubby had to phone the police to get us excluded from the enquiry. After that we drummed it (back) into J that he had to stay with us in public places. Total nightmare.You just fill with panic. Sympathies Deb. I’m so glad your lad was ok too.

  9. Heather says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Scary to have a kid missing! I once lost Hunter in a library at a Halloween Party. He was dressed as Winnie the Pooh…I was frantic yelling,”Have you seen a Pooh? Anyone seen a Pooh??” My friend was laughing hysterically at the time I didn’t get it but now it’s pretty funny. Haley and I are supposed to do Build A Bear with Girl Scouts. Can’t wait! You guys had a fun FULL weekend!!

  10. Debbie says:

    Heather – Thanks for the laugh! That was hilarious!

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