A Few Things I Missed Posting During Mary’s Visit

Mary tells me that they don’t do weiner roasts at home. As she puts it: “The young ones may, be we don’t”. So, we just had to get her on the weiner roast bandwagon.

Grandma 086

I know she may not look like it, but she really is enjoying the experience of cooking her lunch on a stick over the fire. Really!  😉 BTW, that’s our couch swing fallen down in the bankground.  Why is it tipped over?  We had to save it from being burned up when Adrian had the bright idea of throwing our old Christmas tree on the fire!  Men!!

After filling her up on that gourmet meal we put her to work. She just wanted to relax with her feet up, but I said, “uh uh, I-don’t-think-so, missy. I’m pruning trees so you have to cut up the branches and stand by a smoking fire for three hours while you burn ’em up.” He he he. I’m kidding, of course.

She had to prune the trees, too.

Grandma 095

I’m joking! I didn’t MAKE her do anything. In fact, I was telling her to quit it and sit down already, but this lady (at 74!) is a machine. She loves this kind of work, she said.

Grandma 097

After I pruned the trees (and Mary burned the branches) the kids invited us to their new house under the tree for a “spot of t” – ya like that Joy?  🙂

Grandma 111

Weight Watchers was out the window during the visit (and, truthfully, hasn’t made it back in yet). We bought a GORGEOUS multi-berry pie at our local butcher shop. You buy it frozen, defrost it, and then bake it for an hour.  It was soooo good.

Grandma 115

Mary working…again! Our couch is a hand-me-down and is so low on the list of priorities to replace. So she’s sewing up a hole that’s been there for-eva.

Grandma 121

We took her to one of our favourite places to go for a walk – the nearby nature sanctuary (which I’ve posted about in the past).  We brought a picnic lunch and had a grand time.

Grandma 127-2

Mary and me…with my eyes closed. Ah well.  🙄

Grandma 153

Mary bought me Adrian a new hammock. Here he is with R, breaking it in with a lovely afternoon nap.

Grandma 158

And here the kids are having a nice time reading and swinging.

Grandma 089

Did I already tell you about my new picnic table that my dad made? Oh well, if I did! Isn’t it lovely?? It’s already gotten plenty of use.

Another great thing about Mary?  Besides her loving to help with yard work, sewing, and laundry.  She loves to read!  One of my favourite memories of visiting her in England was sitting in her front porch and reading along side her.  There’s always something to talk about with someone who shares the love of reading.

And that’s it. We had a wonderful two weeks with Mary. I’m sad she had to go home a week early, but I totally understand. I just hope it won’t be three years before we see her again!


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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9 Responses to A Few Things I Missed Posting During Mary’s Visit

  1. Joy T. says:

    Is it ok to say “I” miss Mary 🙂 I bet she is still talking about her wonderful time with her son and his family. I hope her hubby is doing ok now. And the table your dad made you is gorgeous! Your yard looks great, lots of fun things to climb on and swing on.

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m glad it was a good visit. I absolutely love the picnic table! I think your dad should totally make me one and ship it to Kentucky! hehe

  3. Janet says:

    You, my dear, are looking FABULOUS!!!!!!!!
    And that pie….sigh. Looks SO good!

  4. Dawn says:

    It was a great visit and I am so glad we got to meet her. Mary is a wonderful lady and I especially like that she laughed at my jokes and not me ;-). I was disappointed I didn’t get to see her before she left, but I am glad she was able to get back to her hubby safely and things could get better for him. I hope you are able to see her soon again also.

    PS Those English gals sure are tough ones.

  5. Steffi says:

    Very nice pictures and I can see you and your family enjoyed the time with Mary!Wonderful lady!Your cake looks yummy!
    I hope her husband feel better soon! Greetings!

  6. Melanie says:

    Lovely picnic table! It sounds like Mary had a whale of a time. Sounds like bliss to me sorting out some trees, a spot of sewing, eating outside- pure bliss!

    Hope the calorie situation goes back to normal for you as you were doing really well.

    Have a good weekend,
    hugs melanie

  7. my4kids says:

    Looks like you had a great visit with Mary! I’d love to have someone come visit who was so interested in helping out around the house. I love the pic of Adrian and R sleeping in the hammock…too cute.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love the pics of the children reading on the hammock!! Great catch!! I would love to catch my kids doing that!! I too, really enjoyed meeting Mary! She is a wonderful lady! That picture of you and Mary at the nature sanctuary, is lovely!!!!! You are really looking slim!! Keep up the great work!!
    You inspire me, should I paint, lay flooring or just go chop some trees down! I am ready!!

  9. Pamela says:

    Makes me want to have Mary come visit me. (:

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