My Kinda Christmas and a Fun Do

There was all the makings for a superb Christmas season this year for me. We had a couple of parties in our home, my family came for Christmas Day, the kids enjoyed and were grateful for their gifts, and we had some lazy time as well. All goood.

I wonder…what makes a good Christmas for you? Do you like chaos or quiet? You see, while this was the best kinda Christmas for me, it wasn’t so much for my husband. Not that he didn’t enjoy it. It’s just that his idea of the perfect Christmas is being home alone with us. Quiet. Maybe watching a movie. But that’s how he was raised. While I was raised around the bigish family-coming-over kinda Christmas.

I find it so interesting – everyone’s different traditions and ideas when it comes to Christmas.

I have a friend who while growing up, and still as an adult, was exposed to a lot of drama during this time of year. You know the drama I mean. The family kind. And while she wouldn’t like to admit it, she’s made it her own tradition now. I see her squeezing unnecessary drama into her Christmases.

For Adrian, there was just his parents and sister for Christmas. So, he just doesn’t “get” the hoopla – while I love being around my friends and family. Visiting. Playing games. Laughter. Kids running around and playing. That’s the best. For me.

Some of us have the deep, sometimes unconscious, desire to duplicate our Christmas childhood memories while others make a conscious effort to do the opposite. I’m curious as to which one you do.

And then there’s the “true meaning of Christmas”. That’s another concept which is different for everyone.  We each have our own ideals.  Christian or not – it can be special and meaningful. 

I’m not a Christian but I am spiritual and believe in GOD (a huge topic for another time) so do I even have the right to celebrate CRISTmas? In my opinion, Christmas has evolved so much over sooo many years that it’s understandable that it means many different things to people. Not to mention the fact, as we all know, that the original celebrations during December weren’t even Christian. So, I think there can be a Christian Christmas as well as a secular one. And I won’t get picky over what to call the thing I celebrate.

It’s true, of course, that Christmas has become very commercialized. For some. Maybe even for many. But not for all. I make a conscious effort to not get too drawn into the self-imposed stresses of Christmas. Spending time with the people I care about is my desire. I’d rather go for a meal with a friend than exchange gifts.

On that note, here are some photos from a party we hosted last night for our friends who just also happen to be our neighbours. We did a fondue. Such fun.

Fondue party

The guys took charge of lighting the flames….while the ladies took charge of drinking wine. Oh yeah.

Picnik collage

I hope that however you chose to celebrate the holidays that you enjoyed it, and I wish you a happy and safe New Year’s as well.


About Debbie

I am a stay at home mom of 2 energetic children. I homeschool them as well. I have a great husband who, after 7 years of working away from, finally has a job where he is home every night. We are trying to learn how to live together again along with adjusting to the lower pay that came along with the job change.
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6 Responses to My Kinda Christmas and a Fun Do

  1. Pamela says:

    I agree that Christmas is more a cultural celebration in our country — although, there are christians who try to adhere to the traditional birth theme.

  2. Dawn says:

    We had a great time at the fondue thingy. Thanks for hosting it.

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  4. Carla says:

    Yum! Fondue is one of my favorite things to eat at this time of year. Although this year, I choose to do raclette at couple times…just as good. My holidays were a perfect combination of some down time, time spent with family, parties with friends, visitors, visiting, beautiful decorations and snow. Glad to hear that yours were enjoyable.

  5. Sirdar says:

    Thanks for putting on great fondue. We had a great time. Haven’t laughed so hard at someone’s expense for such a long time (BH)…but it was worth it 🙂 Thanks again!

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