We have most of the garden in! Whoo hoo! And it rained last night so, I keep thinking…yah, potatoes, drink up that water. We still have our pumpkins to plant, marigolds to put around the tomatoes, and I picked up some corn. I wasn’t going to plant corn because I thought they had to be started early but a friend said she always starts from seed in the garden so, I thought we’d give it a try.

The kids, especially R, is really into the process this year. He’s very excited to see everything come up…as am I. ūüôā

ASANY0002 picnik



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I WILL Survive

I like to watch this video whenever I’m feeling discouraged about homeschooling…

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Not Gardening

It’s raining today.¬† We need the rain so it’s a good thing.¬† I AM a little bummed though because I didn’t get my garden in, yet.¬†

Our neighbour was very kind to¬†rototiller it for us last week.¬† He went quite deep and, as a result, the process brought up a LOT of roots.¬† In addition, we added some manure prior to the tilling, but I don’t think it was old enough because it’s all clumpy in there.¬† You might recall that I wrote about raking it…well, that’s where it stayed.¬† Half raked.¬† It’s discouraging because I had such great intentions this week, but it seemed like our yard was working against me!¬† lol¬† Every piece of equipment I went to use didn’t work.¬† Eh hem…well the rake worked, actually; I was just hoping to find an easier way to level the garden.¬†

Last night I was roaming around outside picking this and that up and filling¬†a bird feeder when I noticed the neighbours in their garden.¬† I peaked over the fence and chatted briefly with them.¬† They said they were trying to get their garden finished because it was supposed to rain.¬† Wise people.¬† Now¬†it IS raining and I have a half raked garden with nothing planted.¬† ūüė¶¬† It’s due to rain on and off all weekend so I think the earliest I’ll be able to get in there is Tuesday because, as far as I know, you’re not supposed to work wet dirt.¬† It ruins the composition or creates compaction…or something.¬† Right???¬† Fourteen years of living out here you’d think all sorts about gardening buuuut…nope.

We were supposed to go to a Junior Forest Warden camp this weekend, but Adrian and I decided to cancel.¬† We have much to do and he’s too tired in the evenings to keep up on stuff.¬† I have a list of “honey-do” jobs.¬† ūüôā¬† (psst…he’s not a honey-do type of guy, though.)¬† I need him to fix my tractor and¬†weed eater and do some maintenance to the lawn mower.¬† I’d love for him to put up my clothes line as well.¬† I was hoping he’d help me put in the garden but it looks like that’s not gonna happen.

Ah well. All that’s need to be done will be done.

In closing, I took a short video for Mary. I hope you don’t get sick!

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Our Furry Family Members…the Kitties!

While downloading photos off the camera recently I found some that R has been taking of the cats.

AIMG 4795

J snuggled up with Mowgli. He is one big cat. We say that we loved him so much that he grew bigger and bigger…just like Clifford the Big red Dog! (I love that theme song:

AIMG 4962

AIMG 4959


AIMG 5008

The new kitty, Sasha.

AIMG 4799

And, last but not least,…J!

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Yesterday¬†went by SO fast. I started the day off with mowing some of the lawn. I came in, gathered the kids, and went into town to buy them some rubber boots. They need them for when they check the bees. R was just wearing running shoes the other night and a bee got up inside his pants. He was very calm, though, and didn’t get bitten. However, they DO still need boots.¬† Uh…the kids not the bees.¬† ūüėČ

In bee news…

We lost two out of the three hives. ūüė¶ We think it’s because it was raining when they were installed. Perhaps the bees got wet and then it snowed all of the next day and they never warmed up. At any rate, we have one that seems to be going strong.

IMG 5012

IMG 5015

The kids are loving being involved with the bees. They’re learning so much.

So, after we got the boots I, of course, had to get a bunch of other stuff, too. Those Sharon Lovejoy books are motivating me to try and make our place look prettier. So I picked up a bunch of flowers and potting soil.

We finally returned home and I mowed some more. Then my dad came over for a visit and he came out to watch us plant some potatoes. BUT. He pointed out that the garden needed to be raked and leveled (which was true). So I started in on that…which, incidentally, is a huge job. I have aching arms today to prove it. Half way through raking the garden I had the bright idea of getting the old lawn tractor going so that I could pull a makeshift harrow (not that Dad suggested that BEFORE I started raking, but whateva).

Dealing with the tractor took a long time¬†– filling a flat tire, pushing it out from under the deck, filling it with gas, fiddling with it so that it would go, and it still wouldn’t stay started! Grr. So, dad went home and I abandoned the garden (hoping Adrian would fix the tractor in the evening) and I tackled our Nanking Cherry bushes (it’s been years since they were pruned properly). After awhile, I checked the time and – WHAT?! – it was 5:00! No supper started, so I went in to do that. I put what turned out to be a delicious chicken stew/casserole concoction in the oven, and went out to finish the mowing the lawn.

While I was collapsed for a rest on my lovely hammock, the neighbour stopped by to give me a present. Sunflower seeds…and not just ordinary ones. They’re called “King Kong” and they grow to 12 feet (or more)¬†high! Whoo hoo!!! Wasn’t that nice?¬† He knows that we’re planting a sunflower house this year.¬† So, J and I went out to plant them right away.

By then, I was done. My body was achy and I just wanted to relax.


Here’s one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. This is the hammock Mary got for Adrian a few years ago.¬† We LOVE it.¬† You can’t see it but all of my bird feeders hang here in the trees, too.

IMG 5022

Our yummy supper.

Sunset on leaves

The sunset lit up the leaves beautifully.


J is ill.¬† She has a cold so she’ll have to miss art class.

I have the garden to complete, flowers to plant, Nanking Cherries to prune, and general clean-up around the yard (with Adrian around that’s a continual uphill battle).¬† But it’s all okay.¬† I’m enjoying being out in the sunshine and it’s shaping up to be a lovely day.

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OH To Be a Gardener!

I am loving Sharon Lovejoy. She’s an author I just found. She writes gardening books, but they’re not JUST gardening books. Her books are full of inspiration, beauty, and prose. I’m using every search engine I can to find her books through our library system.

I’ve got

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and, my favourite,:

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There are several others that I see on her page that I haven’t got my hand on YET, but I will.

I am a wanna-be gardener. What I know about gardening is: put the seed in the ground…water it. Thazit. Oh wait…and weeds. I know about weeds and the work involved in pulling them. Gardening to me has been synonymous with work and toil…and frustration since I often kill whatever I try to grow.

But these books have given me a new perspective. She shares her love of earth and all that is green and growing in such a way that I feel that maybe…just maybe…I could do it, too.

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Blogging as Cheap Therapy

The thing about me is that I think out loud.¬† That means when I need to figure something out in my life I tend to phone a friend and talk it out.¬† OR I get on here and write.¬† Sometimes it’s positive stuff and other times not.¬† I have been known to vent it out on here and then go about my day feeling better, but then…eh hem…not following up¬†with a post¬†letting y’all know that, no, I’m not falling off the deep end.¬† At least not yet.¬†

I¬†used to blog almost daily when I first began 2 yrs? ago.¬† I wrote about almost everything – bar my husband, Adrian.¬† (Oh, I could dedicate an entire blog to him, but since he has no recourse¬†I know that just ain’t fair.)¬† My neighbour at the time (a red-knecky kinda fellow) told me he was shocked at the things I wrote.¬† “Why would you tell everybody THAT?!” he would exclaim at me during a neighbourhood function.¬† “I dunno, I just felt like it, I suppose.¬† Was it too much?”, would be my response.

This blog began as a daily report of our family goings-on for¬†folks in England, but it turned into a vehicle for cheap therapy – although I still throw in a family report now and then.¬† ūüôā I used to have a lot more readers (back when I read more blogs myself) and there were some¬†smart patooties among them.¬† I confess that I sometimes wrote about a particular challenge in my life with certain people in mind..wondering what they were going to say.¬† And I SO appreciated their feedback.¬†

So…I’m a pretty open book.¬† If I feel or think¬†it, I¬†say it (if it’s MY truth, that is¬†– I don’t go getting all up in other people’s business).¬† This isn’t always good, of course…I’ve gotten myself into a pickle now and then, but I prefer to be honest about who I am.¬† Hmm.¬†¬†Perhaps “honest” isn’t the right word.¬† If you’re private and keep things to yourself it certainly doesn’t mean you’re DIShonest.¬† I just don’t have much of a filter between my brain and my mouth…or my typing hands.¬† lol

I believe that every human goes through SOMEthing and¬†we can¬†learn and grow as individuals¬†if we share with others.¬† We go through¬†life as separate people but, really, we are connected.¬† When I share something that is painful or embarrassing I’m breaking down barriers between myself and those around me.¬†¬†It might be just for a moment, but I feel our energies merge when I see the¬†same fears that I’m experiencing surface¬†in¬†someone else’s¬†eyes.¬† Or the same joy.¬† I love that feeling.¬†¬†

So here’s my truth:¬† I¬†get overwhelmed.¬† There are times that I feel completely capable to handle everything (house, husband, kids, homeschooling, my weight, exercise, friends, family).¬†¬†Life goes along tickety-boo.¬† There are times, though,¬†that folding laundry seems like a mountainous task and when faced¬†with just one more thing¬†– like dealing with the kids’ bickering –¬†I choose to react like a crazy woman.¬† And I know I’m not alone.¬† Many folks out there feel the same as me.

That all being said, I want to live in¬†a space of love and happiness.¬† ¬†As much as I find venting about something (whether it be here or to a¬†friend) helpful, I need to move on and find solutions.¬† Living life in a pity-party is counter productive.¬† I recognize that and¬†am generally an upbeat and cheerful person as a result.¬† So, no need to worry about me.¬† ūüôā

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